Toddlers are beginning to learn to work in a small group with their teacher, sit at the table for meals, use utensils, and find out how things work. They are also learning to play, interact, and communicate with their peers. 


These children have mastered the beginning school skills and can sit and wait, follow two-part requests, and begin doing things for themselves. We encourage their independence and foster their growing competence. Their expressive skills are growing rapidly, and we support this growth with opportunities to express themselves with stories, songs, music, art, and dance. They are also developing physically, and we encourage outdoor activities for large muscle activities.


These children have mastered working in a group, exploring their world, and now they are ready to begin learning to sort, arrange, and differentiate. They are beginning to learn their ABCs and numbers. They are learning how to make and maintain friendships and interact with others in a fun and appropriate way.

While we always encourage children to grow and explore naturally and at their rate, we begin to teach some academic concepts by surrounding them with language, number concepts, games, and activities. These activities teach counting, alphabet, and beginning science. Children who are ready will begin to read. Pressure to learn a specific item is never put on a child, but the environment is rich with learning opportunities.