About our Staff

  • All of our teaching staff  have or are eligible for their Child Development Permits from the California Department of Education.

  • Most have completed two to four years of college.  Several are in the process of obtaining advanced degrees.

  • The Executive Director has been in the field of Special Education and Early Childhood for nearly 30 years. 

    • She is also a trainer of trainers in the START which provides special expertise to work with children who may have been exposed prenatally to  drugs or alcohol. 

    • Our Executive Director and one staff are Certified as Trainer of Trainers for the prestigous Program for Infant Toddler Caregivers, that is the premier training for teachers in the area of Early Childhood Education.
  • More than 50% of the staff are bilingual.

  • All staff are trained in First Aide and Infant CPR including the Heimlich Maneuver. 

  • All have been finger printed and have clearances from the Department of Justice. 

  • Three staff members are Certified Food Handlers.

  • Three staff are certified in the use of SCERTS.
  • The majority of the staff have also had training on Sensory Integration, Floortime, Social Stories, Play, Art and Music Therapy, Behavior Management, PEC’s, curriculum development and extensive training on Language Development.

Low Teacher Child Ratio

  • CDC maintains very low teacher child ratios because we believe that young children need a lot of interaction with both adults and peers to fully develop their personal potential.

    • Our younger children have a ratio of 1 teacher per 3 children
    • The older children generally have a 1 teacher to 4 or 5 children ratio
    • All children who come for our early intervention services have a 1 teacher per 3 children ratio regardless of age