Toddlers are beginning to learn to work in a small group with their teacher, sit at the table for meals, use utensils, and find out how things work. They are also learning to play, interact, and communicate with their peers. 

Early Care and Education Preschool Program

These programs serve children ages birth through kindergarten. Children are provided services based on their individual development, not their age. Each of our seven classrooms adheres to the best practices of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Program for Infant-Toddler Caregivers and designs its curriculum based on the newest infant brain development research.

These practices include: 

  • Low infant-caregiver ratios
  • An enriched environment
  • Keeping the same caregiver with each baby over extended periods
  • Recognizing the individuality of each child
  • Extended Caregiver face-to-face interaction


Our infant staff understands that all routine interactions with infants are opportunities to provide assurance and validation to the child. Two of our staff have completed the prestigious "Program for Infant Toddler Caregiver.”

Infant A

These are the youngest in our center. Their ages are from birth to about nine months. We feel that these young children, who are out of their homes at such a young age, need to have the opportunity to see a familiar face each day.

Infant B

These children have started to walk and explore their world. They are provided with lots of opportunities to discover and learn about their environment.

Infant C

These are our older infants. They need lots of opportunities to explore and learn in a very safe and supportive environment. They are also beginning to use words in a meaningful way.